If you go to this page on the David Wilson Homes website then you can read all about their award winning quality.  My opinion, based upon what I have seen at my own property, is that David Wilson Homes are very poor quality builders.   I think that this view is supported by the photographs in this section. 


It is likely that my property is not representative and that most David Wilson houses are better constructed.  However, a quick search on Google or a scan through the Barratt or David Wilson sections on show that my property is by no means an isolated incident. 


Please have a look and draw your own conlusions!

Original Snags - Interior

Missing light switches.

Mssing burglar alarm.

Boiler fitted at jaunty angle.

Damaged items in bathrooms

Scratched windows.

Creaking floors.

Wobbly kitchen floor.


....and hundreds of others, big and small...Album

Original Snags - Exterior

Big bulges in gable walls.

Multi-coloured pointing.

Inferior fence installed.

Damp proof course below ground level.

Large dents in garage doors.

Broken trickle vents.


...Where Quality Lives??? Really??? Album

Remedial Work 2011 - Interior

Re-installing the hot water cylinder.

Replacing the tiles on the kitchen floor.

Refitting two bathrooms.

Significant amount of electrical work.

Re-fitting the boiler and flue.

Replacing damaged windows and patio doors.


....and much, much more...Album

Remedial Work 2011 - Exterior

Replacing front door

Re-building portions of gable walls...twice...

Lowering of adjoining ground levels.

Installation of improved fence.

Replacement of exterior light

Re-pointing of entire house.


...Like living in a cave for 3 months...Album

Remedial Work - 2012

Ceilings removed and replaced.

Burglar alarm installed.

Floorboards replaced and glued.

Complete redecoration.

New carpets throughout.

Front path replaced.


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